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Stormwater Solutions:

Stormwater has been one of our largest areas of work in the recent years. We've done a lot of stormwater design for site plans, we've solved existing stormwater problems, we've written stormwater management plans for government agencies, and we've done investigative studies and documentation.

Norton also continues to educate the public on the most current stormwater issues and discoveries. Each spring, we host a stormwater seminar. If you would like to attend or want more information, give us a call.

Stormwater Design:

We come up with the best stormwater designs for our clients based on performance, budget, aesthetics, and site characteristics.

Click for details    We use the computer modeling program, HydroCAD, to model the stormwater runoff under various conditions and storm types, which works out quite well in virtually any stormwater situation - as long as you understand the variables being represented.

When using models, you have to keep a couple of things in mind:
  1. all models are wrong; some are useful.
  2. always use the simplest model possible.
Because flowing water has so many charactistics, a lot of assumptions are made in models. A model will compute numbers out to the nth decimal, but those numbers could be very wrong depending on the assumptions made along the way. There is really no substitute for experience when it comes to stormwater. You just have to have a very good understanding of all the components associated with stormwater in order to come up with a good design to control it.

We'll design a BMP or combination of BMP's that is right for the site conditions and the client's budget. Some of these BMP types are:
  • Dry Detention Basin (Detention Pond)
  • Wet Basin (Retention Pond)
  • Rain Garden (Bioretention)
  • Filter Drain
  • Grass Swale
  • Gravel Ditch
  • Created Wetland
  • Green Roof


Some of our recent projects that involve stormwater work are:

Beavercreek Wetlands - Restoration
Cat-Wood Metal Works - Site Plan
Dayton Resource Industrial Park - Site Plan
MTS Trucking - Site Plan
Patio Enclosures - Site Plan
Refuge Church - Site Plan
St Paul's Church - Site Plan
Hunter's Pointe - Retention Pond Design
City of Vandalia - stormwater ordinance, dry weather screening
City of Moraine - stormwater ordinance, dry weather screening
Tipp City - stormwater ordinance, dry weather screening

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