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John Norton's Experience:


  • Consulting Environmental Engineering: specializing in Waste Management (both Solid Waste and Wastewater), Stormwater Plans and Engineering, Recycling, and Environmental Process Automation.

  • Adjunct Professor for University of Dayton Environmental Engineering Department teaching one semester graduate course "Solid Waste Engineering and Planning"

  • Public speaking and lecturing on engineering, management, and environmental matters.

  • Addresses State and Federal Legislative Subcommittees on these matters as well as university and public interest groups.


Wastewater Treatment, Montgomery County, Ohio, Sanitary Engineering Department: 1995 to 2002
    As Wastewater Plant Engineer Designed and managed construction projects and repairs for 2 large municipal wastewater treatment plants and 3800 miles of sanitary sewer collection systems. Rebuilt rapid sand filters, increased efficiency of aeration systems, and automated plant operations (SCADA) at both County Plants. Built a whole new automated Septage Receiving Facility for plant security and regional environmental improvement.

Montgomery County, Ohio: 1978 to 1995
    As Solid Waste Engineer responsible for Strategic Operational Engineering and Management for a large metropolitan solid waste disposal program including two 750 Ton per Day incinerator plants [six 250 Ton per Day incinerators], a 60,000 Ton per Year composting system, a fleet of transfer trucks, transfer stations, and an ash monofill with ash recycling. Operating 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. 1992 budget $19,000,000.

    Designed, built, and operated two 250 TPD incinerators; one with 6000 kW energy recovery system. Initiated ash recycling project which resulted in construction of two ash block buildings.

    Designed and built 6 incinerator electrostatic precipitator systems with acid gas control.

Wastewater Treatment, Dayton Water Department: 1973 to 1978
    As Plant Engineer, responsible for engineering required to maintain operational status of 100 MGD Wastewater treatment Plant. Designed and built innovative, energy efficient digester mixing system (anaerobic); subsequently patented and sold to a major digester system supplier. Heated entire plant and sludge processes with digester gas.

Lake Lakengren Resort Complex, Eaton, Ohio: 1971 to 1973
    As General Manager, responsible for management and engineering of all operations and maintenance, including 35 miles of road, several dams, and some small bridges.

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio: 1968 to 1972
    USAF Captain, Civil Engineering Management Instructor, Air Force Institute of Technology; Base Civil Engineering, McGuire AFB, New Jersey


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois, 1967.

Registered Professional Engineer, Ohio, since 1972.

Certified Solid Waste Engineering Expert
    by The American Academy of Environmental Engineers, since 1996.
ASME Solid Waste Processing Division
    Midwest Chapter Chairman, 1983 - 1989.

    National Division Chairman, 1993-1994

    National Spokesperson for Federal Solid Waste Legislation, 1989 -1995.
ASME Codes & Standards Division
    Qualified Resource Recovery-Plant Operator (QRRO) Certification Committee

    Voting Member Since 1997
ASME Technical Training Branch
    Qualified Resource Recovery-Plant Operator Instructor
ASME Dayton, Ohio, Chapter
    Vice Chairman and Tour Coordinator, 2001 - 2003
Ohio Non-Utility Generator's Alliance
    Ohio Chapter Vice Chairman, 1989 -1997.
American Institute of Plant Engineers
    Dayton Chapter President, 1985 -1986.
Board of Zoning Appeals, Butler Township
    Chairman, 1985 -1997
New York State Solid Waste Combustion Institute Center for Environmental Research
    Cornell University Working Group member, 1988 - 1993
Resource Recovery Legislation Working Group
    Representing ASME Solid Waste Processing Division, 1986 - 1990.



"Solid Waste Management Integration: a photo Tour Through a Successful Operation in dayton, Ohio"; International Symposium on Environmental Engineering, September, 1997.

"Alternate Sources for High Alloy Metallurgy, an Alternative for OEM Parts"; 17th Biennial Solid Waste Processing Conference, May, 1996, with David Brownlee.

"Air Pollution Control Retrofit Six Years Later: Electrostatic Precipitators on Rotary Kiln Incinerators"; 13th Biennial Conference of the ASME Solid Waste Processing Division, May, 1988.

"Feasibility Of Constructing a Waste-to Energy Incinerator to Generate Electricity for a Co-located Wastewater Plant"; Water Pollution Control Federation Conference, April, 1986, with Dr. George Shaw.

"Modern Pollution Control Retrofits; the Potential for Recovery Of the Incinerator Itself"; 11th Biennial Conference of the ASME Solid Waste Processing Division, May, 1984, with Ed Brabham.

"Energy Savings in Anaerobic Digesters"; Water Pollution Control Federation Conference, April, 1976, with DeFro Tossey.


"Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind" -- a guest editorial; Farm Futures, May/June, 1992.

"Don't Keep on Truckin -- Risks of Highway Accidents are a Factor in Long Haul Solid Waste Disposal"; Public Works, September 1990; republished by New Jersey Magazine, December 1990.

"Perspective: Baghouses vs. Precipitators"; Pollution Engineering, December, 1989.

"Working to Make Incineration Work"; Waste Age, September, 1989.

"Incineration Ashes -- One Community's Experience"; Public Works, January, 1989.

"Rotary Kiln Incineration Proves the Right Choice"; Public Works, August, 1987.

"Creativity Solves Air Pollution Problem"; AIPE Facilities Management, Operations, and Engineering, May, 1986.

"Coal vs. Refuse for Power Plant Combustion";

Pollution Engineering, November, 1986.

"Incineration Without Resource Recovery"; Public Works, December, 1984.

"A Computer Expose'"; Air Force Civil Engineer Magazine, August, 1971.



ASME Certificate # QRO P-181, dated April 28, 1992, certifies that John William Norton, Sr. has been qualified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for the positions of Chief Facility Operator or Shift Supervisor at a Waste to Energy Plant. His certification was renewed through 2002 in 1997. Mr. Norton, is past chairman of the ASME Solid Waste Processing Division and was instrumental in the establishment of the ASME certification program for solid waste plant operators.


State of Ohio Certificate # RN 196126, certifies that John W. Norton, Sr. has been doing business as Norton Engineering since 1975 and is registered by the Ohio Secretary of State, Bob Taft, to do business as Norton Engineering, through the year 2003.


State of Ohio Certificate # E-36962, dated July 10, 1972, (copy) certifies that John W. Norton, Sr. has been qualified by the Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors to practice in Ohio as a Professional Engineer.

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