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Green Energy Solutions:

Going Green... it's no longer a concept of the future. Green Energy is in many cases one of the biggest factors in new designs today. Here at Norton Engineering, we try to incorporate green energy concepts in our designs whenever possible (especially when it makes economic sense).

Building Design:

Some of the things to consider in building design for example are: insulation materials, placement of energy-loss contributors (windows), and alternative energy sources. Designing an energy efficient building doesn't mean adding all kinds of crazy "environment friendly" inventions, it means using a little creativity to come up with a good design that saves on energy costs while keeping construction costs as low as possible.Frankly, Norton doesn't usually trust, or promote, ideas that haven't stood the test of time.

Solid Waste Management:

Solid waste is a problem in the world today. No doubt about it.

Creating Energy without depleting our fossil fuels is also a problem.

Well, we can help with both of these problems with one design. The solution is waste-to-energy, the recovery of energy cleanly produced in a controlled burn incinerator with the most modern air pollution control systems possible.

This means using modern incinerators to cleanly burn the waste, reducing truck traffic, reducing landfilling, reducing the use of coal. and producing energy at the same time.

USEPA Has recently stated that modern incinerators are actually the second cleanest way to produce new electrical energy, second only to wind turbines.

Norton Engineering has developed over the years a complete design for a large municipal incineration system with energy recovery which can be viewed through this site.

John Norton also volunteers his time and advice to advance green energy outside the office, as he is the vice chair of the Solid Waste Processing Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and is on the state board of directors for Green Energy Ohio.

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