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Structural Engineering and Building Design:

Norton Engineering has analyzed and designed a multitude of structures including: commercial/industrial add-ons, unique homes, open canopies, fabric buildings, and building renovations. We also take care of all the zoning permits and code compliance necessary to get a project passed by local officials. Whenever possible, we incorporate the newest technologies, which allow for more affordable, energy efficient and stronger structures. There is a lot of flexibility in building materials these days, and we are happy to explore all the options to best serve the client's needs.

Recent Projects:

Structural Pit
Concrete Pit Design
storage building
Storage Building Design
Floor Analysis
Floor Analysis
residential addition
Residential Addition
Beavercreek Elementary
Beavercreek Elementary
structural consulting
Structural Consulting
Taqueria Las Tapatias
Taqueria Las Tapatias
Silverton School
Silverton School
Alex Public Health Center
Alex Public Health Center
Shell True North
Shell, True North
Troutwine Chevy Dealership
Troutwine Chevy Dealership
H&R Block
H&R Block

Building With Insulated Concrete:

Insulated concrete is one of the fastest growing technologies in building construction. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are interlocking concrete forms made of insulating foam that remain in place after the concrete is poured. The result is a formed, reinforced concrete wall or floor with built-in double layer insulation.    Vandalia Range and Armory
Vandalia Range & Armory
Building with ICF's can give you the most energy efficient, sound proof, and durable building for your money. Because it is so quick and easy to build with ICF's, it can save on construction costs as well. Also, with all of the exterior finishing techniques out there, ICF buildings can easily be formed into architectural masterpieces. Norton Engineering has designed several buildings with this technology and will continue to present the benefits of building with insulated concrete to our clients.

There are some alternative insulated concrete technologies available as well. If you would like to learn more about building with insulated concrete, please give us a call. We can can discuss the benefits of these products to your project and put you in touch with a trusted local product representative.

HSS Designs:

Hollow structural steel (HSS) or "tube steel" can often be a better alternative to the traditional I-Beams and Angles in certain applications. For one, they can look more appealing if the structural steel is going to be left exposed. Also, HSS has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and provides great compression and torsional resistance. If you have equal loading conditions from both perpendicular directions, a square HSS would be a favorable choice because it doesn't have a weak axis.
Norton's Boat Dock
Norton's Boat Dock
   Recently, Norton designed his own boat dock out of HSS. The driving reasons for choosing HSS were:
  • Tube Steel doesn't leave perching and nesting crevices for the birds (dealing with bird wastes in and around your boat is not desired)
  • The dock structure looks more smooth and inviting
  • Columns provide similar strength from both governing directions
  • It provides excellent support for a possible green roof
  • It's different than all the neighbors' docks

Fabric Structures:
For the right purpose, fabric structures can be a great option for a building type. They are big, relatively cheap, easy to build, and they don't need columns, so the entire floor space can be utilized. Norton Engineering has suggested and designed fabric buildings for clients in industries such as recycling, solid waste, and wastewater.    Marysville, OH Recycling Center
Marysville, OH
Recycling Center
Commercial Design:

Norton Engineering has had 30 years of experience in designing buildings for solid waste processing and recycling organizations. When designing for processes like these, the most important aspects are: a convenient layout of operations, durability, and affordability. Input from the operating staff is very important because they're the people who deal with the buildings and processes everyday. John Norton knows this first hand because he spent his career running solid waste facilities and wastewater treatment plants.

Residential Design:

Norton Engineering can design or provide assistance for structural stability in homes. Our Engineers will look at drawings for a home and analyze its structural stability based on the conditions given and the design loads according to its area of environment. We can also create drawing sets for homes that incorporate the client's desires and our engineering expertise. We have done structural designs for homes that have unique loading conditions.

3D Home Model
3D Home Model
   A recent example was a home in Miami county, where a couple had plans for a home to be built with ICF walls and floors, and wanted a large open space (no columns) on the first floor. Norton Engineering designed the structural components of the house to accommodate for it. The design included clever use of the supporting walls, and reinforced concrete beams built in to the second floor so that they would carry the large moments and also be aesthetically pleasing to view from below.

Blueprint-To-CAD Conversions:

Norton Engineering also offers blueprint updating services. We scan old hand-drafted blueprints and redraw them as CAD files. The cost of this service is $250/page, with possible discounts for large sets, or surcharges for particularly complicated drawings. (Notice would be given before work begins, if necessary, due to excessive complication). Call us today to ask about this service.

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