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Dayton WWTP    You won't find many consulting firms of our size that do a lot of wastewater work, but it's actually a specialty of ours. That is because wastewater engineering requires a lot of knowledge and experience to fully understand the processes involved and to be able to make changes that have a positive effect on them.

Fortunately, John Norton has had over 30 years of wastewater engineering and first hand experience. He's held positions as senior engineer and plant manager for the Montgomery County Sanitary Engineering Department and as the plant engineer for the Dayton Wastewater Treatment Plant. John has also been consulting in this specialized field since 1979.

Below are some of our more recent projects involving wastewater engineering:

Pump Station Upgrades: Indian Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lift Station and Force Main Design: Northeast Ohio Church of God Campground

Wastewater Plant master planning with Malcolm Pirnie
Xenia, Ohio

In 2007, Malcolm Pirnie was hired with Norton Engineering as a sub-consultant to do the 2008 master plan for Xenia's wastewater treatment plant. Norton helped by doing research and meeting with local agencies and industries that have large impacts on the city's incoming sanitary flow, estimating population and industrial growth to be used for planning the capacity of the improved plant, and assisting with the initial report.

More examples of Norton's Wastewater Achievements:

Computer Modeling of Sanitary Sewer Flows, 1995 - 2002
Montgomery County Sanitary Department, Dayton, Ohio

Mr. Norton used a computer based modeling system for the sanitary sewer water flows in the Montgomery County Sanitary Department sewer system in Dayton, Ohio. This technical model was used to test the impact of various sewer designs and sizes in order to select the most efficient combination. The sanitary sewers had been experiencing flooding problems during many flow and rain storm conditions, despite having been designed for nearly complete separation of the sanitary and storm sewer flows beginning in the early 1900s. This model allowed the user to try various relief sewer layouts under various storm and sanitary sewer flow conditions.

Energy Efficient Mixing for Dayton's Anaerobic Digesters
Dayton, Ohio

During his 5 years with the City of Dayton Wastewater Plant as its Plant Engineer (1973-1978), Norton not only heated all 8 of the Wastewater Processing "campus" Buildings with bio-gas generated in giant anaerobic digesters, he also designed an energy efficient digester mixing system and machinery which made the digestion operation much more energy efficient.

He delivered a paper on this energy efficient mixing system at the national Water Pollution Control Conference in Minneapolis, MN, in 1976. This mixing system was eventually patented and is in use today in both Dayton and Columbus, Ohio.

Troubleshooting of Wastewater Flows Causing Flooding During Rainstorms Westbrook Rd @ Afton Dr
Dayton, Ohio

Norton used his knowledge of sewer flows and an understanding of wastewater maintenance staff practices in 1996 to find an erroneous Stormwater sewer situation that had driven nearby property owners and the Department of Sanitary Engineering mad for over 15 years. Norton solved this problem with two days of part time site investigation and interviews with those involved. The problem was solved for the price of one temporary sewer plug.

Sanitary Sewer Facility Office Flooding
New Lebanon, Ohio

Norton used logic and on site investigation in 1998 to find an unknown sewer bypass right near the front entrance of the New Lebanon Wastewater Plant, which had been causing serious flooding of the main plant office and processing building after area consultants had thrown up their hands in frustration.

Wastewater Aeration Problems
Montgomery County Plant in West Carrollton, Ohio

The aeration plant built by Montgomery County in 1979 had experienced continuous operational efficiency problems with its primary aeration process. In 1996 Norton undertook the troubleshooting and modification of this system. He replaced the original plant operations controls with new open architecture control systems programmed by in-house staff. He replaced the original full throat butterfly valves with much smaller ones that would actually control the low pressure air supply to each tank, and he slowed down the control loop to allow the bacteria in the tanks to actually respond to slightly modified air flows.

Once that was under control, he changed out the original pumps with pumps that were correctly sized for the aeration headers. The combination of these changes allowed the plant to reduce its air to these tanks by roughly two thirds, saving hundreds of horsepower around the clock.

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