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Environmental Engineering:

Norton Engineering offers many environmental services, including:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) Phases 1, 2, and/or 3

  • Clean Water Act, Ohio Section 401 and 404 permitting

  • Wetland delineations

  • Wetland mitigations

  • Erosion control and stream bank restoration

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans

  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting

  • Hazardous material inventory analysis

  • Air pollution control consulting

  • Expert analysis and expert witness presentations in legal matters

Some Example Projects:
401 & 404 permitting: Religious Institution - Dayton, OH
Longview Cove
Longview Cove - Residential Development

Other "Environmental Engineering" is really the result of incorporating environmentally conscious ideas into our typical engineering projects. For example:
  • Our Stormwater designs reduce flooding and erosion, encourage groundwater recharge, and keep the streams more natural.

  • Our building designs fit onto attractively landscaped lots with a minimum of disruption, and maximize energy efficiency.

  • Our solid waste management designs reduce traffic, reduce material consumption, minimize air pollution, and maximize energy recovery and efficiency.

  • Our wastewater designs reduce odors, preserve energy, and lower the fouling of our streams.

We will do Environmental processing designs where such processes are needed:
  • For recycling of recoverable materials

  • For green energy needs

  • For waste energy recovery

  • For Stormwater cleanup


The Miami Valley has one of the world's largest supplies of groundwater (fresh drinking water) in what is called the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer (GMBVA). The GMBVA is classified as a "sole source aquifer", meaning that all the drinking water supplied by the municipalities located within its boundaries comes directly from the aquifer. This is a major advantage for the citizens, but especially for industries that rely on a heavy consumption of water to manufacture their products.

The City of Dayton, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, along with others are working hard to promote the area's most valuable resource to industries that might want to take advantage of this opportunity to move to Dayton.

Norton Engineering fully supports this effort and is willing to help in any way reasonable. If a company is interested in learning about this area and its number one resource, they may contact us to set up a tour or to be put in touch with the right contacts. Before running this consulting firm full time, John Norton worked for the City of Dayton Water Department for 6 years, and the Montgomery County Sanitary Engineering Department (now the Water Resources Department) for another 28 years, which can be very useful for a company considering a move to the area.

Norton Engineering can assist with any engineering work, permitting, or planning that a company might need to consider before a move to the Dayton region.

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